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about me ⠀hii im mikk or new! she her 19y mexican asexual infp eng/esp ꔫ ~ i

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likes ⠀shotaro ♡ films y2k fashion miumiu sanrio vocaloid kpop bls chococat

loml shotaro ♡ sungchan jungwon tsuki haram yunjin mixxiw zee nunew

mp3 nct ot22. svt lesserafim billlie nwjs enhypen tvxq orange caramel rojuu loveholic babyvox s.e.s after school &more

the rule book

before u follow ⠀ main side acc (req ok!), sb to unf, fb selectively, i tweet in spanish and english, i don't tweet about all of my interests, i go ia randomly

don't follow if usual dfi criteria, you tweet about discourse 24/7, anti my favs, don’t have interests in common, won’t interact, -16 +24

note i am aware of the wrongdoings of who i stan, i do not condone nor do i defend any of those problematic actions

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